San Francisco Network Ministries




By Check
Checks can be made payable to San Francisco Network Ministries or San Francisco SafeHouse and mailed to:

559 Ellis St
San Francisco CA 94109

By Credit Card
Click on the link below and enter either “San Francisco Network Ministries” or “San Francisco SafeHouse” in the box labeled “Organization Search.”

Appreciated Securities
Your gift of appreciated securities both supports Network Ministries and gives you the tax advantage of deducting full market value of the securities while avoiding capital gains tax.

Network Ministries
Acct #3MT-429629
OTC #0443
c/o Glenda Hope
Clearing Services of America
77 West Port Plaza #318
St. Louis, MO 63146-7585
TEL: (314) 878-7585

We are also looking for donations of:

  • Children’s software (recent) for our Computer Center
  • New underwear (female, large sizes) for our SafeHouse women